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Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT)

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) is a cardiac monitoring method that uses a small portable device to monitor a patient’s cardiac activity. MCT can record the patient’s heartbeat as they perform their daily routine of errands, exercise and even sleep. Many different rhythms can be detected using MCT. This is an outpatient testing modality which patients can perform in their own time and place.

The staff is trained to assist in teaching and placing the monitor in the office. Once the unit is finished recording and returned to the office, the data is analyzed and reviewed by the providers. Subsequently the results are notified to the patient in a timely fashion to keep them up to date on their health progress.


Continuous Monitoring

MCT provides uninterrupted monitoring of your heart's activity, offering a comprehensive assessment of your cardiac health.

Early Detection

MCT enables the early detection of cardiac arrhythmias and other abnormalities, allowing for prompt intervention and treatment.


With MCT, you can maintain your regular daily activities while undergoing cardiac monitoring, as the device is discreet and portable.

Customized Care

Our dedicated medical team tailors the monitoring duration and frequency according to your specific cardiac concerns, ensuring personalized and effective care.

Remote Monitoring

MCT allows our medical team to remotely access and review your heart's activity in real-time, providing continuous oversight and immediate intervention if necessary, even when you're away from the clinic.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

MCT records a wealth of data about your heart's function, including heart rate variability, rhythm trends, and episodes of arrhythmias.